Along with our present and forthcoming crypto tools, we launched our token Alt (AltCake) into orbit on the BSC network, which will benefit our holders by generating money for them with each token exchange. Is it a win-win situation? Yes, I believe it is,
Right, and what will AltNotify dApp benefit its users?

Holding AltCake earns users Cake for each transaction; every time a trader sells or buys AltCake, a tax is levied; part of the tax goes to holders in the form of incentives, some to locked LP and some to marketing to keep the project afloat.

$ALTCAKE Total Supply 100,000,000,000 ALT 0x910be8b9c87269fa29e5022458b33c8be5425590


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IN SUPPLY 43.57%
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BURNT 5.88%
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AltCake is a cryptocurrency with automated passive income built on the Binance Smart Chain. When AltCake is traded, 2% of the earnings are automatically sent to our holders in CAKE, who enjoy a passive income. Then, another 4% goes to our locked liquidity pool to fortify our crypto. Another 6% goes to AltNotify to finance marketing and development plus the manual buy back of AltCake, we also buy other cryptos to place in our AltVault to then airdrop back to our holders! It adds up to 12 percent in total tax. The remainder of the percentage is kept as the holder's principle.
As a result, keeping AltCake will provide our clients with passive automatic benefits in the form of CAKE plus we take AltCake out of circulation often by either burning it and buying it back never to be sold again.

We must remind our holders that our token is an original concept we pursued following the success of our well-known Android App. Our cutting-edge technology is both efficient and precise. Based on our experience, we believe we are the leading crypto producers with highly growing ownership and value by satisfying our clients. We are committed to developing additional dApps; please join us on this path and continue to enjoy the hustle-free income.

A wallet can hold 1000000000000000000000000000 AltCake tokens (1%) however as part of our anti whale tokenomics a maximum of 500000000000000000000000000 AltCake tokens (0.5%) can be sold in one transaction.

AltCake Rewards

The contract will automaticly send your rewards in CAKE, note* the contract wait's for gas fee's to be covered as to give your maximum rewards.

Your ALTCAKE Balance is:


pending REWARD - $cake

Total rewarded:
- CAKE -


ALTNOTIFY Android Launched Live

main app launched, 11K downloads!

Q4 2020
Launched the Website

our website gets a lots of hits! but wait...

Q4 2020
Revamped AltNotify Polished It

new custom look, fixed bugs, dark mode

Q1 2021
Created A Telegram Group With Love!

we added a link in our app to our Telegram!

Q2 2021
AltNotify Pro Android BETA Crafted

shhh AltNotify Pro is being tested and tweaked!

Q3 2021
AltCakeLaunched, A CAKE Reward Token

We launched our own token and it mooned!

Q4 2021
Redesigned Our Website & Dash

restyled, added more functionality to our site

Q4 2021
Launch AltVote The New Voting Site

a safe place to find gems with upvoting plus more

Q1 2022
Launch AltNotify PRO Live

make way for custom exchange notifications!

Q1 2022
Launch AltNFT Wearable NFT's

let's start wearing some contracts

Q1 2022
AltCheck Will Be A GOTO Tool

a comprehensive honey pot checker with more

Q2 2022
AltNotify + Pro IOS Versions Incoming

we want to get noticed on the ios App store

Q3 2022
AltSwap More Than Just A Token Swap

sleeker, safer, faster swap with more rewards

Q3 2022
AltMint, Create Your Own Token

create a safe contract to your specification

Q3 2022
AltLimit Will Make Trading Easier

set limit orders on low capped tokens

Q4 2022
AltFolio No More Horrific Spreadsheets (Joe)

keep track of your crypto portfolio real time!

Q1 2023

The Next Tool Is Over To The Community!

we do not have an end game, so more tools!